Friday, 4 July 2014

Review: No Matter What

No Matter What
by Sally Donovan

Goodreads Description:

'I love you, no matter what.' This book tells the uplifting true story of an ordinary couple who build an extraordinary family - describing Sally and Rob Donovan's journey from a diagnosis of infertility to their decision to adopt two children who suffered abuse in their early life. Writing with incisive wit and honesty, Sally Donovan movingly describes the difficulties of living with infertility when friends and family have no idea, and the emotional process of arriving at a decision to adopt. She recounts the bewildering logistics of adoption and, after finally Sally and Rob are joyfully matched with siblings Jaymee and Harlee, how their joy is followed by shock as they discover disturbing details of their children's past. Determined to heal their children, Sally and Rob realise they will need to go 'beyond parenting' to give them with the help they need. By turns heart-rending, inspiring and hilarious, Sally and Rob's story offers a rare insight into the world of adoptive parents and just what it takes to bring love to the lives of traumatised children.

This book is insightful and, at times, heartbreaking. Donovan highlights the fact that the end of the adoption process is not the end of the journey, that there's so much more before and afterwards. I haven't read anything before has been so honest about adoption - the highs and the lows.

I would thoroughly recommend this to any parent or especially anyone considering the adoption process or anyone who has adopted.

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