Thursday, 13 February 2014

Friday Favourites: Last Minute Valentines

Earlier this year JP and I agreed to keep valentines day low-key and just spend time with each other. However, JP is such a romantic that he's decided to spoil me anyway! And so now I have absolutely nothing but a card for him and I need something fast!

Here are some last minute ideas for others stuck in a similar predicament.

1. A quick sweet treat for brunch - these red velvet pancakes are delightful!

2. A year of reasons why you love your significant other - alternatively you could write a list of 20.

3. Valentines vouchers. This is a such a simple idea that will last beyond the day itself.

4. If your Valentine has work then why not write a message and put it in their lunch? 

5. My personal favourite, a love letter. I think these systematic love letters are great!

Hope you all have a good valentines day!

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