Friday, 27 December 2013

Review: Beautiful Creatures - Book and Film (Contains Spoilers)

I made the crucial mistake of watching the film first. It's a mistake I won't repeat again. I was very confused and so read the book to try to make sense of it all. Trouble is, the book didn't make sense of it, and this only made me frustrated. Not with the book, with the film.

Beautiful Creatures Film

The script writers have made some serious errors.
1 Casters in the Duchannes family CANNOT choose to be light, they are CURSED. The contradictions here really baffled me and left me feeling zero sympathy for the dark characters.

2 Macon is an INCUBUS, not a dark caster! And where the heck is his brother in the film?!

3 Where is the Sixteen Moons song?? It's a recurring motif in the book and pretty damn important.

4 In the book we feel sympathy for Ridley because she didn't choose to be dark and does have a heart. This is clearly shown by the way she acts at prom, seeking some kind of justice for those who taunt her cousin.

5 The absence of Ethan's parents. Both parents play in huge role in the book!

6 Where the heck is Marian?! She's really important to!! Handing her librarian  role to Amma also changes Amma's character too.

Ugh, there were way too many things that I disliked about the film. I feel like all the good of the book was taken out and what's left is some mediocre film that contradicts itself and confuses everyone.

Film Rating 1/5

Now onto the book...
Beautiful Creaturesby Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Book Rating 4/5

Despite my dislike of the film, I really enjoyed this book. I did find Lena pretty annoying at times, especially with the way she's so back and forth with her feelings toward Ethan. It felt like the Edward-Bella twilight thing - which I did not enjoy. Aside from that, it's a pretty great book. Ethan is a very loveable character and you feel for every character in this book, even the dark ones. I'm looking forward to see how to plot develops in Beautiful Darkness.

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