Friday, 22 November 2013

Review - The Second Nine Months

The Second Nine Months: One Woman Tells the Real Truth about Becoming a Mom. Finally.
by Vicki Glembocki


For those exhausted new mothers who wonder why the hell they signed up for this - you are not alone! In this book, Vicki exposes what it's truly like to become a mother, insecurities and all!

In my life I am surrounded by people who LOVE motherhood and tell me how fulfilling being a stay at home mum is. So when I did not fall in love with motherhood, I felt like something was wrong. I felt alone. Then I found this book and someone with whom I could relate.

Vicki approaches the topic in a humorous light, but doesn't hold back all the dark moments; and for that I commend her. Too many people hide their problems in an effort to appear in control and 'normal', when we all go through challenging times. It's best to just be honest about it, that way you allow others to open up without them worrying about not being 'normal'.

Verdict: I would recommend this book to all those who don't fall in love with motherhood straight away.

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